The AirSticks

The AirSticks is a new interface for electronic percussion designed by Alon Ilsar and Mark Havryliv. Still in the prototype stage, the AirSticks allows the performer to trigger and manipulate sounds in a 3D virtual space.

Drum Vacuum by Alon Ilsar and Gerri Jaeger, October 11 at Musiq, Amsterdam

Violin Vacuum Improvisation by Alon Ilsar and Bronwyn Cumbo September 24 at Studio Aalborg

Solo Improvisation by Alon Ilsar using Konkrete and Ableton Live September 18 at Studio Aalborg

Imbiss Kiss Improvisation by Alon Ilsar & Daniel Pliner, July 7 at Studio Wedding

Solo AirSticks Improvisation by Alon Ilsar, June 13 at Bon Marche

Robotross Part II by Faulkland, May 13 at Studio Curwin