AirSticks – ‘freaky-future shit’

‘freaky-future shit’ (The Brag, Sydney)

‘ Alon Ilsar’s ingenious use of electronics… sheer unpredictability and unaccountability of the sounds’ (Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney)

‘the inventive techno-percussion of live drummer Alon Ilsar – sound takes on a physicality as immediate and dramatic as the (visible) choreography’ (Herald, Glasgow)

‘…musician Alon Ilsar uses intensely vibrating instruments – mainly drums and theremin-like “air sticks”,  mediated through a technology that delivers sound vibrations direct into the body rather than through the air…’ (Scotsman, Glasgow)

‘Live drummer and sound manipulator Alon Ilsar’s sound textures almost act as a secondary character, veering from 90s dance music to sci-fi inspired sonics.’ (The List, Glasgow)

‘Ilsar’s great percussion work, on the side of the stage, brilliantly commented and reflected on the action.’ (Sydney Arts Guide)

‘Ilsar smashes and crashes his drumkit to dramatic effect: for mine, more dramatically and menacingly than the script itself.’ (Crikey)

‘Drummer Alon Ilsar’s skeletal underscoring is very effective.’ (Sydney Morning Herald)