Trigger Happy

“Man, body, music, and light as one… A perfect amalgam between man-machine.”

Be taken on a next-generation musical journey by instrument designer Alon Ilsar as he commands a holographic world with his custom-built AirSticks.

Watch Alon conduct sound and light, performing the music of Comatone & Foley (Greg Seiler and Alon Ilsar) amongst the virtual world designed by Matt Hughes.

Trigger Happy is a vivid ride through an audio-visual wonderland, unlike anything you’ve seen.


‘…an incredibly slick and excitingly choreographed performance that saw him ringed in a spinning vortex of colour projected onto a scrim, his every movement mirrored instantly in spectacular sound and visuals.’

– Limelight Magazine

‘The music. The beats. The shapes and colours. The blood in our veins seems to pump faster and faster seeking that inevitable release which we wish to postpone forever and yet anxiously wait for. Higher and higher we go until he softly brings us back to reality…’

– Amnplify Magazine


‘This record floored me on first listens with it’s completely original, blank canvas approach, but then coaxed me into daily consumption with the fantastic level of detail packed into each of the compositions. This is genre-ignorant electronic music at it’s finest.’

– Cyclic Defrost Magazine

‘There is sonic density and heaviness to this release that will appease to those usually cautious to inorganic beatwork, plus the subtle drumwork of Foley adds to a sense of biomechanical liveliness.’

– Overdrive Magazine


Extended Play at City Recital Hall, 25 August 2018 ©Poppy Burnett


‘Attending Alon​ Ilsar’s​ performance this time was ever more like peeking around the corner of the time-space continuum and glimpsing the future. It was there in the technology and its use, the presentation and, to a lesser extent, the music itself’.
– Sydney Morning Herald